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If you use SAP products, you should subscribe to HotNews, an online newsletter that contains the latest updates and news about software components and products. HotNews has useful filtering features and a free, secure RSS feed that you can subscribe to. This is a convenient way to keep up with SAP news, and you can easily filter HotNews by your favorite system. It also contains Important Notes, which detail new SAP features. You can even customize HotNews to meet your specific application requirements.

For SAP ERP users, HotNews is a must-have. Subscribe to SAP HotNews for free, and customize your subscriptions to get the news and information that is relevant to you. The content is updated frequently, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest SAP industry news without having to read multiple publications. HotNews is available to both new and existing customers, and you can customize your subscription to receive only the news and articles that interest you.

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For Romanian-speaking users, HotNews is a valuable resource. With dedicated sections for Brexit and other current events, HotNews is an excellent source of news. HotNews also includes opinion pieces, videos, and podcasts, as well as daily headlines. It is easy to subscribe to HotNews. Simply visit your MY AUGI profile, click on “Subscribe to HotNews” and choose your preferences. HotNews will be delivered to your inbox twice a day.

You can also customize HotNews to receive updates only on SAP topics. For example, you can subscribe to SAP TopNotes, which are important notes about a particular module. TopNotes are particularly helpful for those who want to consider implementing new features, or who want to know post-implementation steps. HotNews will also alert you to new product updates. You can also subscribe to SAP TopNotes for free.

Romanians can also visit HotNews. This Romanian news website is the oldest and largest Romanian news site. Among its main topics, HotNews focuses on current affairs, politics, finance, and other related issues. HotNews publishes articles, interviews, videos, and opinion pieces on a variety of topics. The content of HotNews is updated daily. HotNews also provides a section devoted to Brexit.