Autodesk HotNews


Whether you’re a student, a professional or just curious, HotNews has something for you. The monthly newsletter has articles, special offers and news about the Autodesk industry. You can even customize which topics you’d like to receive. You can subscribe to the newsletter through MY AUGI. You’ll then receive the latest edition in your inbox once a month. HotNews is available in both Romanian and English, and you can choose to receive it once a week or every day.

While HotNews is considered news, its content may be sensitive or confidential information. It may also violate copyright laws. Using live events without permission is a common example of copyright infringement. Video, however, does not fall under this restriction. You must give proper attribution to the creator of the video. HotNews is an excellent resource for breaking news, but there are some guidelines that you should follow. You should also avoid using the videos without obtaining the permission of the owners.

If you are an SAP developer, you should sign up for HotNews. You can customize your subscription to receive only the latest news related to your industry. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the SAP TopNotes, which are important notes related to a specific module. These notes are particularly useful when considering new features and post-implementation steps. SAP HotNews is a great resource for SAP professionals and you’ll be kept informed of any updates to SAP products.

To subscribe to HotNews, visit the MY AUGI website and update your subscription preferences. Once you’ve subscribed, you can check your inbox for the newest issue each month. AUGI recommends that you sign up for the newsletter at least once a month. Once you’ve subscribed, you can receive HotNews every month for free. It’s easy to customize the subscription, so make sure to check your inbox regularly for the latest issue.